Renaissance Recording Studio
Nashville, Tennessee
Renaissance Recording has been serving the independent music community both in Nashville and worldwide for over eleven years, providing state-of-the-art studio service at affordable rates to hundreds of artists, bands and songwriters. We are a complete production facility located in a historic downtown neighborhood. We offer everything from basic tracking and mixing to digital editing and CD mastering (however, if we recorded / mixed it, we'd just as soon have somebody else master it - fresh ears go a long way . . .). We take a purist approach to recording, using the absolute best microphones and preamps available. Drop us an e-mail for rates and information. Or, just email us to say hello, cheers, whatever.   If you do your own home recordings, have a look at our Recording Tips & Techniques Page which provides information on microphone selection and placement, tracking and mixing techniques and strategy, and other useful things we've picked up; this is provided purely as a service to the independent music community (Hey, we can't record everybody).    
Our Equipment Includes: iZ RADAR 24 - 24 bit / 96 kHz 24 track hard disk recording system, Alesis ADAT-XT (2), Soundcraft Ghost [24x8] console, Buzz Audio MA2.2 mic preamps (2 channels) Focusrite Red mic preamps (4 channels), Avalon mic preamp, DBX Blue 786 mic preamps (2 channels), Great River NV (Neve 1073 circuit) mic preamps (4 channels), Great River MP mic preamps (8 channels); Avalon opto-compressor, Buzz Audio SOC 1.1 stereo optical compressor, Universal Audio 1176LN limiters (2), Langevin Electro Optical Limiters (2), Manley Variable-MU stereo compressor / limiter, Purple Audio MC76 limiters (2), Crane Song STC-8 stereo compressor / limiter, Focusrite Compounder dual compressor, DBX 1066 dual compressor, DBX 160 compressor, RNC 1773 stereo compressors (3), Aphex Dominator II stereo multiband peak limiter; Valley People Gatex quad gates; Lexicon PCM-91 reverb, TC Electronic Reverb4000 true stereo reverb, TC Electronic M2000 dual engine multi-processor, Eventide H3000D/SE Harmonizer, Yamaha REV-500 reverb, Ensoniq DP-Pro multi-processor; JBL 4208 & Quested VS-2205 powered monitors, Avalon Parametric EQ, Crane Song HEDD A/D D/A converters, Panasonic 3700 DAT machine (why we keep it, who knows?), Sennheiser HD600 & Sony MDR-7506 headphones, Furman HDS-6 headphone distribution / cue box system; All cables custom Mogami / Neutrik   Microphones Include: Soundelux E47 tube microphone, Schoeps CVC6 cardiod (2 - matched pair), Neumann U-87, Neumann KM-184 (3 - including a matched pair), Neumann TLM-103 (2), Neumann KSM-105, AKG C-414, AKG C-460B, AKG D-112, Sennheiser 421 (3), Shure SM-7, Shure Beta-57A (4), Shure SM-57 (5)   Digital editing / CD mastering on Power Macintosh G4 / 1.33 gHz in the Pro Tools 6.1 environment, Glyph hard drives, more plugins than you'd ever want to use (including Waves plug-in package)   In-House Instruments Include: Electric Guitars: 1954 Gibson Les Paul, 1959 Gibson Les Paul, 2004 Gibson Custon Shop 335 with Filtertron pickups / Bigsby tailpiece, 1967 Gretsch Country Gentleman, 1964 Gretsch 6120, 1969 Gretsch Sparklejet, 1997 Rickenbacker 330, 1998 Rickenbacker 650A, 1963 Silvertone Amps: Vox AC-30HD (hand wired), Vox AC-15, Vox AC-1, 1954 Gibson GA-40, 1964 Fender Deluxe blackface, Fender Bassman, Emery Sound Spotlight 8-watt tube recording amp, John Davidson Custom 5-watt tube recording amp, MTN 5-watt recording amp, SWR Redhead Bass combo amp Acoustic Guitars: Collings SJ, Collings D-2H, Taylor & Guild National ResoJet Resonator guitar Electric Bass: Music Man Stingray - 1 fretless & 1 fretted Acoustic Bass: Guild jumbo Other instruments Include: Digital Piano / Organ (Yamaha P-150), Motionsound R3-147 rotary speaker system, Drums (Gretsch Broadkaster 4-piece / Zildjian K Custom cymbals), Snare Drums (1953 Slingerland Radio King, Pearl Maple Piccolo) Assorted Percussion, Mandolin (1963 Gibson A50, 1989 Tucker F), Violin (1774 Maldoner), Balalaika (USSR), Dulcimer (1993 FR), Pedal Steel Guitar (1974 MSA), Tenor Guitar (1931 Gibson), Dulcitar (Bardsong), Jerry Jones Electric Sitar
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