Our Favorite LINKS


Fantastic Mic Preamps, opto-compressors, EQ;

both tube and Pure Class A discrete

Great River

Best value in a completely transparent Class A mic preamp


Mic Preamps, Compressors, and EQ with serious character -

The Red series are Rupert Neve designs, and they sound like it

FMR Audio

Home of the RNC (Really Nice Compressor);

at $175, the best buy in audio period - and it rivals units costing

quadruple the price

Manley / Langevin

Best tube compressors / limiters on the market;

also mighty fine preamps and EQ

Purple Audio

Home of the MC76, a perfect replica of the infamous 1176 limiter


The best mixing consoles for under $100,000


The world's best recording microphones


Good recording mics with a lot of character

Crane Song

The HEDD A/D & D/A converter is a must have


The most realistic reverbs you'll hear from a box


The Harmonizer - wierdest effects unit available



6 Degrees Of Kevin Bacon Page

There's even a movie-search engine (by actor) which

yields a "Bacon-Rating." Hours of useless fun.


This is the most advanced astrology site

we've seen - personalized charts, etc.

(Hey, Reagan's wife was doing it . . .)

The Pet Nuke

Order your very own nuclear device

Cruel Site Of the Day



Kelley's Blue Book of Used Cars

Don't get ripped off on your next car, tour van, pinto, etc.

Lycos Road Maps

Find your way to the next gig

Mac Fix It

Get the lowdown on the Sad Mac

and the Chimes of Death.



Suck Daily Magazine

I'll take things that suck for 1000, Alex.


Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting

This organization works to expose media bias

and errors in reporting. They're busy as hell.

The Central Intelligence Agency

Possibly the scariest thing on the web.

Have a look at their "employment opportunities" page.

Scott's Page Of Evil

John's favorite site. A beacon of light in the wilderness.




If you happen to be in Switzerland

and you need a party band

call these guys.

Dead Reckoning Records

Artist-Owned Nashville Indie Record Label,

featuring Kevin Welch, Kieran Kane & Mike Henderson

Screamin' Cheetah Wheelies

Nashville-based Southern Rock Band

with a dash of soul thrown in

J.Mundok & Jack Kettle Records

Nashville Indie-Rock Musician / Label

Tombstone Trailerpark (Tim Buchanan)

Experimental Folk Singer/Songwriter Project

The Open Mic

Listening Site With dozens of great sound clips (Including Ours)

from a wide variety of acts